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About us

"A Healthy Pet is a Happy Pet"


About us:

Since opening Healthy Pet’s doors in June 2012, we have worked tirelessly to make Healthy Pet so much more than a simple pet supply shop. We want to be a resource for the community whether it’s by hosting an animal adoption event or by educating pet owners about the best nutrition for their pets. In addition to a wide selection of premium pet products at various price points, Healthy Pet prides itself on exceptional customer service. We are always curious to hear your feedback, praise, suggestions or just a simple hello.

Meet Trevor:

Since he was 16 years old, Trevor has worked in the pet industry. He has held every position from cashier to stocker to manager and now owner. You’re just as likely to see him hoisting 40 pound bags of dog food as you are to catch him taking inventory or chatting with customers. While he would like to think most people remember him for his great service and extensive pet knowledge, he knows he’s mostly famous for being Biggie’s dad.

Meet Chris:

Chris has been an entrepreneur his entire life working in various industries. When businesses all over Michigan (where Chris and Trevor were born and raised) were hurting because of the economic downturn, Chris noticed that the pet store that Trevor managed was doing better than ever. Chris’ business sense and Trevor’s long-standing passion for the pet industry quickly merged and a Healthy Pet partnership emerged.
With its animal-loving residents, health-conscious community and abundance of opportunity, Austin, Texas, was a natural fit for Healthy Pet. When a prime spot in the gorgeous Shops at Arbor Trails became available, Trevor and Chris didn’t have to think twice: Healthy Pet was home.